About This Site

Created: 27th March 2018


This site is meant as an archive of the projects and writing, I’ve worked on over the years. It’s meant more for me than anybody else. I don’t want to trawl through folders on an external hard drive, to find something I did many years ago, so it’s convenient to have everything curated in one place. Of course, it also makes it easier to share my work with others.


This is the latest of several designs for the website. Below I have some images, chronicling my earlier designs.

A screenshot of the homepage of V1
A screenshot of the homepage of V2
A screenshot of the inverse matrix calculator, as introduced in V2
A screenshot of the homepage of V3
Another screenshot of the homepage of V3
A screenshot of the inverse matrix calculator in V3


  • The content for this site is written in Markdown. The content is converted by a Haskell program written using the Hakyll static site generator and the Pandoc document converter.
  • Similar to many websites, mathematical equations are rendered with MathJax. Syntax highlighting is done by Pandoc.
  • The serif font PT Serif for body content, the sans-serif font Lato is used for titles and the monospaced font Adobe Source Code Pro is used for code.
  • I try to avoid making JavaScript necessary to view my website. However, several pages require JavaScript, e.g. the inverse matrix calculator.
  • The site is stored in a Git repository, hosted on GitHub.
  • The CSS was custom-written, and the icons come from Font Awesome.
  • The site is hosted on Netlify.