Created: 18th January 2020

Blueheart is a web-based IDE that I made for Algorithms Society, an extra-curricular club that I ran during Sixth Form. It was developed to allow students to easily code Haskell on school computers. Originally, it started out as a web terminal, using the JavaScript library xterm.js. I revamped the frontend with React to make it easier to use. The end result was a three pane interface, with a navigation bar on the left, a code editor in the middle and a GHCI interpreter on the right. Buttons at the top-right also allowed you to hide either the code editor or the interpreter. The code editor used the CodeMirror library. The backend was a WebSockets server running on Node.js. The server started Docker containers for each of the students, in which their Haskell code would securely run.

Screenshot of the web application