Topics Group Project: AI in Radiology

Created: 28th June 2018

In the second term of your first year at Imperial, Computing students do a group project called Computing Topics. This involves doing research into an area of Computer Science, under the supervision of an academic. The end result was a website on the subject aimed at non-specialists and a presentation about the topic. My group chose to research the applications of machine learning in medical imaging. We won the prize of 2nd best overall project.

Links to the website, the repository containing the website’s code and the presentation in PDF format are available above. It should be noted that, the presentation was originally written using PowerPoint and the export process led to the images being downscaled.

I’ve found the project extremely beneficial. At the time, I didn’t know much about machine learning, so I learned much during the course of the project. What was most captivating was the possibility of it having such a meaningful impact on society. I also got the opportunity to improve my skills in web design and development, as well as giving presentations.

The content was written in Markdown, and a Bash script, which invoked pandoc, compiled it to HTML. The CSS was written without the use of a web framework. This meant making the website more challenging, but meant after the project we had a more thorough understanding of CSS. One particularly hard aspect of the CSS was making the website compatible with mobile devices.