Burst My Bubble

Created: 18th January 2020

In second year at Imperial, there is a group project to make a web app, using human-centred design. My group decided to build a solution to challenge human biases, e.g. confirmation bias, and confront people with news articles and opinions, that challenged their own beliefs, to counter the prevailing tendency for content delivery algorithms to show you content that validates your own viewpoints. It consists of three components:

  • Firstly, the RSS aggregator written in Java which collates news articles and runs the news articles through Microsoft Azure’s text analytics service to extract information about the articles. It stores this information in a MongoDB database.
  • Secondly, a Python backend that generates a news feed based on the user’s previous history, so that the user is confronted with a variety of news articles from different sources.
  • Thirdly, a React frontend for the users to actually interact with.
A screenshot of the homepage